Get to know Representative Rick Staples

KNOXVILLE (ETSPJ) – Rep. Rick Staples is a Democratic member of the Tennessee State House representing the 15th district.

What issues are you most interested in this year?

From economic growth to the violence plaguing our youth, there are several important issues facing my constituency. Some issues I’d hope to tackle promptly are ones I find to be shared statewide:

  • Access to long-term counseling for youth including witnesses or victims to acts of violence and help in dealing with suicide attempts or loss of a peer due to suicide.
  • Undocumented citizens in Tennessee who were born in or brought to the United States as a child, graduating high school and were not allowed to attend an institution of higher learning.
  • Addressing infrastructure concerns to make Tennessee more competitive for business recruitment

How did you get into politics?

My interest in politics actually came from working in the community. I found so many people with needs who had no idea how the system worked. I started helping people navigate through the “red tape” and giving knowledge of which offices to contact. I did a lot of hard work on a few campaigns. Birthing a desire to serve.

What is the one thing most people don’t know about you?

Despite having such an outgoing personality and loving to be around people, I’m actually a homebody. It would probably shock people to know that at home I’m very quiet and really don’t talk much.

What is your favorite snack to keep you going during a long meeting?

Nothing is better during a long meeting than grape Powerade, popcorn and a classic Coke.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

The human experience is such that we as individuals must always look to evolve and grow. Understanding that life is designed for people to become more than the limits placed upon them.

I’ve never subscribed to the notion of an annual declaration. Accepting the truth, there is always more to learn, knowledge must be gathered from experiences and to never remain stagnant. I’m ever striving to become a better “ME,” hopefully making me a better individual.

To learn more about Rep. Staples attend the East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists Legislative Preview Luncheon Saturday, January 14.

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