Get to know Representative Jason Zachary

KNOXVILLE (ETSPJ) – Jason Zachary is a Republican member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, representing District 14. He was first elected to the chamber in a special election on August 12, 2015. He was sworn in on August 24, 2015.

What 3 issues are you most interested in this year

  • Infrastructure funding
  • Organized retail crime
  • Utilizing our state’s surplus dollars wisely

How did you originally get into politics?

I ran for Congress in 2014 which then provided the opportunity to run in the Special Election for the 14th District in 2015

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I lived in New Jersey during Middle School.
What is your favorite snack to keep you going during a long meeting?

Protein Bar

How do you take your coffee?

I’m a sweet tea guy.

To learn more about Rep. Zachary attend the East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists Legislative Preview Luncheon Saturday, January 14.

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