2021 Golden Press Card: Radio

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Here are the winners in the Radio categories. The entries were judged by the Greater Cincinnati SPJ Professional Chapter.


First Place
Contestant Name: WUOT
Entry Title: Losing Home: Black Neighborhoods and Urban Renewal
Entry Credit: S. Heather Duncan, Tyson Jordan
Links: See entry, See entry, See entry
Judge Comments: Fascinating historical perspective of a true problem for urban areas. Nicely written with good interview from those who experienced displacement. Entry was limited to three stories, but I wanted to read more about those responsible for making decisions and what’s going on right now. That’s the mark of good stories. Well-done.


Second Place
Contestant Name: WUOT
Entry Title: HealthConnections
Entry Credit: Carole Myers, Chrissy Keuper, Brandon Hollingsworth
Links: See entry
Judge Comments: Very informative news-you-can use segments. Reviewed the first three segments per category guideline – Medical Marijuana & CBD – No Surprises Act – Urban forests. Good guests. Good questions.