2022 Golden Press Card: Golden Press Card Award (Best of Show)

2022 GOLDEN PRESS CARD: Television | Newspapers (Large) | Newspapers (Small) | Radio | Digital | All Media | Student JournalismGolden Press Card

Here is the 2022 Golden Press Card Award winner, the “Best of Show” award. The entries were judged by the Hawaii SPJ Pro Chapter.

GOLDEN PRESS CARD (Golden Press Card)

Best of Show
Contestant Name: Tennessee Lookout
Entry Title: OSHA officials admit to shredding documents in Tennessee Valley Authority coal ash case
Entry Credit: Jamie Satterfield
Links: See entry
Judge Comments: One after another problem has faced the cleanup workers of the coal ash disaster: death, illness, damage to the environment. Now their government can’t even protect them? Great job, Tennessee Lookout, in reporting that OSHA shredded documents related to the cleanup.

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